Video 17 Aug 6 notes

Here’s my 12 condoms cleaned and rerolled from my last cum fiesta ;). I carefully stretched each one over my cock and slow rolled each one back up my cock. I went thru a couple of porn scenes to keep hard, tho I’d end up precumming a little bit due to the time it took to roll each one up ;)) you could imagine by the time I rolled all 12 I was ready to cum. My god my cock felt so soft I came a big load as you can see. Anyways what should I do with all of them now? ;)

Video 14 Aug 5 notes

Condoms are made for cummin in ;)

Photo 14 Aug 6 notes I’ve been busy ;)

I’ve been busy ;)

Photo 22 Jul 6 notes Morning wood ;)

Morning wood ;)

Photo 11 Jul 14 notes Hi ;)

Hi ;)

Video 8 Jul 11 notes

Having some fun right now with these Durex condoms ;)

Video 25 Jun 45 notes

It’s so nice to roll on these durex extra sensitive condoms

Video 23 May 25 notes

Before and after. Pounding. Dicks up condoms on.

Video 18 May 13 notes

Fun time

Photo 18 May 25 notes condomcockselfies:

Cum count


Cum count

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